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Robert J Lang

Robert Joseph Lang is founder of R Lang & Associates, a small consulting company in aviation and medicine.  Robert Lang was born of Walter and Marie Lang in Royal Oak, Michigan.  Walter originated from Germany and Marie from Ohio.  Robert's birth date is May 7, 1957 but is also represented by a medically derived physiological age which sometimes sets him apart from his generation. 

Robert Lang attended Michigan Technological University (formerly the Michigan School of Mines) and University of Washington in Seattle. His company originated through his doctorate at Yale in New Haven, Connecticut which included an internship with an aerospace consulting firm.  After his involvement in satellite hardware, he became alerted to the other aspects of telecommunications which included the advent of the internet, television, and wireless technology.

Lang relocated to Hartford in 2002 to develop his company while pursuing a master's in business from self-study programs in the Hartford, Connecticut area.  Robert Lang took to medicine as well as aviation, and has made several patent filings in medicine and engineering.  He is currently located in Los Angeles, California.