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The company spawned from a pursuit of postdoctorate work amidst a background of Ivy Colleges in the northeastern U.S. By obtaining experience from small consulting groups, it was possible to design the schematic for a new enterprise involving aviation science, computer engineering, health and medical fields, and a vast array of components that make up telecommunications.

After becoming familiar with the hardware of telecommunication satellites, groundwork was set to usher in the new features of modern network communications. Software and computer engineering became the spotlight for the development of such projects as the internet and office computing.

Parallel to the venture of space and technology is the growing concern of the health and medical fields to maintain our existence in a developing civilisation. New ways of improving vision, increasing health, and extending longevity were steadily progressing until one has realized the leap into the future we eventually made.

The company, R Lang & Associates, was so named actually by the influence of colleagues, and due to lack of another choice, remained the name. It has persisted on its ability to make judgments of the present and the future, its ingenuity towards invention, and following the dictates of a moral society to achieve future goals.

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