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Lancaster, California

Lancaster is a charter city of north Los Angeles County in the Antelope Valley of the Mojave Desert, Southern California.  Lancaster is joined by its twin city Palmdale as the principal cities of the Antelope Valley region of California's High Desert.  It is about 70 miles north of downtown Los Angeles, separated from the Los Angeles Basin by the San Gabriel Mountains to the south, and the San Joaquin Valley by the Tehachapi Mountains to the north. 

Its twin city of Palmdale is known for the aerospace industry and has been a site of research and development for the Space Shuttle, the X-15, SR-71 Blackbird, Lockheed L-1011 Tristar, and many other aircraft that have been used in the U.S. Air Force, NASA, and the world’s military and commercial sectors.  It is also the location for the Palmdale Regional Medical Center and the Antelope Valley Mall. 

The city of Lancaster is home to the Aerospace Walk of Honor, established in 1990 by the Lancaster City Council to honor test pilots who were associated with Edwards Air Force Base.  Sidewalk monuments are dedicated to a distinguished group of internationally known experimental test pilots, of which five honorees are inducted each year in a special ceremony held in September.

The oldest standing structure in Lancaster is The Western Motel (1886), converted to a museum under the California Historic Site program. 

The Lancaster Performing Arts Center provides a varied array of fine arts from community theatre productions to classical music and various forms of dance. It also draws celebrity performers from across the country and around the world, including renowned singers, dancers and musicians of all genres as well as comedians and variety shows.