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Coronavirus Outbreak Spreads Worldwide, U.S. Leads in Number of Cases


March 31, 2020

The Coronavirus, which reportedly began in Wuhan, China in late December of last year, has spread worldwide and made its way to the United States who currently has shown the greatest number of cases. As of now, there have been over 809,000 cases around the world with over 165,000 from the United States.

The U.S., however, is not showing the highest death rate from the virus at just over 3,000. Deaths have been reported occurring more frequently in Italy and Spain numbering 11,591 and 8,269, respectively.

A disease that resembles the flu is usually not considered a “killer” disease, and the death count that has been reported is more often found in the elderly.  It is hard to say at this time if the Coronavirus merely substituted the cause of death of an elderly person or if it indeed took their life sooner than expected.

For example, without the Coronavirus, an elderly person is expected to die of natural causes at say 98 years.  The pending natural cause of death of the elderly person is heart disease, but the Coronavirus became the cause of death instead.  Firstly, a problem lies in whether the person would have the same life span with the cause of death being Coronavirus versus heart disease, going the distance of 98 years. Secondly, if Coronavirus became the cause of death, how much sooner (if any) did it shorten the persons life: six weeks, 1 year, 5 years, 10 years ?

From this observation, it is difficult to understand how significant the death toll statistics are.   The Coronavirus may be a real threat, or similar to another type of flu epidemic to wade out.

In any event, it appears prevention is the best action to take against a new virus where no known vaccine exists. The methods of prevention include quarantining oneself except for necessary needs, distancing from others when in public, and washing hands often.




A first instruction to wash hands frequently is actually quite accurate.  If there is any doubt about where you have been, or what you have handled, hand washing can eliminate this doubt.  Another way of distancing from others in public is by wearing a N95 respirator mask.  This can relieve a lot of tension in public areas and offers the equivalent of a “six-foot rule thumb”.  Although warned that supplies of the N95 mask are in favor of health workers, these should soon become available for all to wear.  (Governments who are shunning the N95 mask for the general public may not be correct). 1  An air purifier for one’s home is also a good idea which can filter and diffuse viruses from your house. Ultraviolet lamps (notably UV band C) can disable viruses and offer an alternative to disinfecting objects without soap and water.



1.    Details to the practice of wearing a N95 respirator mask include warnings that misuse can result in sickness or death.  This usually involves how soon to discard a respirator mask and whether its construction (dependent on brand) alllows for reuse, such as re-sanitizing a mask with a UVC lamp.

2.   Information on Coronavirus can eliminate worries and help prevent spread.  There are some video streams which occurred before the “coronavirus pandemic” which might be more helpful than information during the pandemic. Take, for instance, the following two video streams:


(Scroll part way down the page to “Coronavirus COVID-19” which will sufficiently explain what the Coronavirus is about).

The  second video explains by the numbers the worlds response to the Coronavirus:


(Scroll halfway down the page, look for "What Does it Mean to 'Flatten the Curve'?")