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Revival of Analog Hi-Fi



Stereo Hi-Fi has seen a revival over the past years with analog components making up a better part of an audiophile’s equipment gear.  Take for instance the newly introduced “tube amplifier” which uses vacuum tubes along with integrated circuits.  Leading edge technology no longer rivals the concepts of digital versus analog but has decided to complement the two.

Tube amplifier-receiver comprising a hybrid design incorporating vacuum tubes with integrated circuits.  A FM tuner is not present but instead includes a wireless bluetooth function.


Because tube amplifiers experience gradual distortion clipping versus the hard clipping found in solid state amps, tube amplifiers can sound louder at less power.  A tube amplifier at 15 watts can amplify sound to the same level (loudness) as a solid state amplifier at 50 watts.

Current tube amplifiers come in a variety of finishes including brushed aluminum and wood, and are marketed at various prices ranging from an affordable $100 to higher end (skies the limit) units.  They are shown to be very competitive to solid state amplifiers in power, total harmonic distortion, and price.

As an input source for music, the turntable or phonograph, has made a remarkable comeback due to the quality that vinyl discs can exhibit over medium such as compact discs.  Laser compact discs were found to be experiencing “disc rot” caused by oxidation of reflective layers, debonding of adhesives, and exposure to ultraviolet light (such as the Sun).  A CD with disc rot will scramble or skip audio content or render the disc completely unable to play.  A vinyl disc, however, is physically inert with no chemical vulnerabilities, and with proper care, can outlast any CD with only possible degradation being numerous playbacks.

Audiophile turntables have been introduced at affordable prices with practical user instructions.


Turntable quality is considered part of maintaining a quality vinyl library, and turntables are now being introduced with complete instructions for setup and maintenance.  Part of the setup details include aligning the turntable’s cartridge and setting the anti-skating.