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Company History


The Beginning

R Lang & Associates began in the year 2000, partly beckoned by colleagues but also inspired by the undertakings of the founder Robert J. Lang during a period following the Persian Gulf War of 1992.

During this post-war period, Lang undertook minor inventing, but also became flight-trained in small single-engine Cessna aircraft to round out his knowledge in aviation.  He returned to his doctoral studies and applied to the U.S. astronaut program as a mission specialist.  However, upon a second major disaster of the Space Shuttle, Lang decided to resign from the struggling U.S. space program to pursue a career in research and development. 

By the turn of the millennium, Lang had defined a company that could develop from his experience and knowledge of aviation and medicine.  His background spanned from major industry to small consulting firms, and his experience at medical colleges of University of Washington and Yale paved inroads to the field of medical engineering.

A Developing Company

Early in its development, the company encountered mechanical and electrical needs that were not yet invented, beginning a path to patent engineering in the United States.  Consequently, this became key to the founding of the company and Lang has since filed patents in the fields of mechanical, electrical, and biomedical engineering which have nconcerned the topics of telecommunications, computer science, medical instrumentation, and neuroscience.

During the era of the 2008 Olympics, the company became alerted to the topic of Sport Medicine, and Lang took up the evaluation of high-intensity aerobic sports such as swimming.  Careful observation yielded the prediction that sport medicine may one day become the forward-most medical discipline in providing preventive health care to the individual.  During this venture, the company invented a new heart rate monitor which will become suitable for swimming and all other sports.

Throughout the era of technical innovations that have shaped our civilization, Lang has always been impressed by new developments in the Medical field which included the first polio vaccine, the first heart transplant, and the contact lens.  Having experienced the evolutionary trends of the vision field himself, Lang has also joined the ranks of modern day innovators to improve the medical vision of mankind.  R Lang & Associate’s last major patent filing concerns the development of a natural vision therapy, partly in reference to early work performed by ophthalmologist William H. Bates of the 1900s.      

Response to New Demands

Since Lang received sound technical training during his early years of study, he has maintained a comprehensive knowledge base in the physical sciences of chemistry and physics, including keeping abreast electricity and atomic physics.  This has allowed the company to respond to ever growing needs which demand new solutions derived from basic sciences.  New concerns have included the need to transport electrical power via new grid systems for a safer and saner approach to power networks.  Another asserts the proper and correct use of propeller aircraft, currently determined as limited in propulsive capability, especially in the era of the jet-age.

R Lang & Associates has formed the doctrine that the creation of new ideas and innovations are compatible with a society of law and order, and that one does not exist beyond the boundaries of the other.  The company believes in the equal rights of citizens and the free enterprise system.  It is also in support of sound government and military, and respects the beliefs and freedoms of all individuals in support of their countries and their fellow man.

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